Why we should all participate in liturgy

See — The very tiniest among us can see the candles, at the icons, at the clergy, at the choir… For an idea of how to do so: He must join participatio activa to his participatio actuosa which he exercises as a baptismal person. We, the assembly, must be the sign and sacrament of God's hospitality.

It increases our love of God and neighbor. Moreover, the reading from the Word of God at each Hour with the subsequent responses or troparia and readings from the Fathers and spiritual masters at certain Hours, reveal more deeply the meaning of the mystery being celebrated, assist in understanding the psalms, and prepare for silent prayer.

I will include a few personal anecdotes as well, to serve as illustrations for some of the ideas. She also celebrates it once every year, together with his blessed Passion, at Easter, that most solemn of all feasts.

So too are the angels, who also are recapitulated in Christ: Surely the spoken and sung responses and acclamations in the liturgy are the right and the duty of all present.

I fortified them with cups of tea and biscuits. Even the apostolic church did not start with a blank liturgical slate but adapted and reformed the liturgies of the synagogue and the Sabbath. I find if I think of talking to God, it really becomes personal.

Worship That Is Friendly to Children - Part 1

Make Church sound fun and exciting. We are the members of that Body. A friendly smile, a handshake can show our appreciation to others that they have come to give witness of their faith to us.

On Helping Children to Participate in the Divine Liturgy

It is worship of the God who made us and saves us. The sound of missalette pages turning at once can drown out the Word of God. A church, then, must lend itself to the expression of repentance and the reception of forgiveness, which requires an appropriate place to receive penitents.

But I have, as I say, been a beneficiary of these schemes. If the choir is to sing, someone must listen and in so-doing participate actively in the liturgy, even if during the period of listening he is relatively inactive in a physical way.

It is possible even to sing, especially a very familiar tune, and not be conscious of actually singing. Mar 09,  · We should not put our attention on how we sound but upon the meaning of the text we are singing.

We can make the thoughts and feelings of the hymn our own. More and more the faith content of the text and its relation to the Liturgy of the Word are becoming the criteria for the selection of the music we use at Mass.

Why should we keep the Sabbath holy by going to Mass?

Top Ten Reasons Why We Use the Liturgy

The Mass was instituted at the Last Supper by Jesus before his Crucifixion. The Last Supper was the first Mass. It is in this eternal liturgy that the Spirit and the Church enable us to participate whenever we celebrate the mystery of salvation in the sacraments.

The celebrants of the sacramental liturgy. It is the whole community, the Body of Christ united with its Head, that celebrates. "Liturgical services are not private functions but are celebrations of the Church which is 'the sacrament of unity,' namely, the holy.

But understanding the Eucharist and how to participate in the Liturgy of the Eucharist are what they start doing now during this period of mystagogy with the help of the faithful.

8 Reasons to Go to Mass

The questions will always be there as you and I are always asking ourselves, why do we do the things we do?”. May 18,  · On Helping Children to Participate in the Divine Liturgy. May we all work together to attend the Divine Liturgy; and, as we do so, may we all truly ATTEND, regardless of our age!

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory be, forever! Here are a few resources with even more ideas of ways to help your children participate in the Divine Liturgy: *. Top Ten Reasons Why We Use the Liturgy.

The Purpose of Mass

which was translated for us), and be able to participate knowledgeably across language and cultural barriers. I have the same experience with our Chinese mission congregation.

6. It is repetitive in a good way. Repetition is, after all, the mother of learning. Why Should We Sing? The Eighth.

Why we should all participate in liturgy
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